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Domani Collection

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Domani is a modern and very pleasant rounded model, consisting of straight and bean-shaped modules. By combining them freely you can create a fanciful shape: a sofa, an L-shaped corner sofa, but also a semi-circle, an open circle, a wave or an S-shape. You are only limited by your imagination! This unique feature makes Domani suitable for a wide variety of rooms – from a cosy living room to an exclusive waiting room in a clinic. Because sometimes we expect furniture to help us be very close to someone, and sometimes we can use it together with others to preserve some intimacy. Interesting? Finally, a little hint – this model looks fantastic in boucle fabrics!




Deluxe 10 Dune
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Deluxe 10 Dune Deluxe 10 Dune
Deluxe 12 Limestone Deluxe 12 Limestone
Deluxe 13 Griffin Deluxe 13 Griffin
Imperial 349 Beige Imperial 349 Beige
Imperial 51 Beige Imperial 51 Beige
Imperial 56 Imperial 56
Piano 02 Beige Piano 02 Beige
Piano 03 Beige Piano 03 Beige
Piano 04 Caffe Latte Piano 04 Caffe Latte
Salvador 01 Beige Salvador 01 Beige
Salvador 02 Beige Salvador 02 Beige
Salvador 03 Beige Salvador 03 Beige
Torre 02 Beige Torre 02 Beige
Torre 03 Beige Torre 03 Beige
Treccia 01 Treccia 01
Treccia 02 Beige Treccia 02 Beige
Treccia 03 Beige Treccia 03 Beige
Treccia 04 Beige Treccia 04 Beige

Sample projects

  • Domani 1920×1920 f
  • Domani 1920×1920 b
  • Domani 1920×1920 a