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In Beskidzkie Fabryki Mebli we have been producing upholstered furniture on a large scale for 30 years. We are a stable, well-established company. So far, we have focused mainly on making our furniture robust, durable, refined in detail, but the reflection that most furniture on the market looks similar has motivated us to look for a new direction in the area of design. We decided to create distinctive furniture, even famous! Just less than two years ago, the Befame brand was created.

We love the opportunity to create innovative and bold projects, dedicated to informed customers, often to individuals. We offer very characteristic models that are a distinctive and central point in the living room, but also a solid with a classic line that blends harmoniously into the overall interior. However, their design is always refined and visible in the smallest detail – original stitching, creases or selection of unusual fabric.

We do not deviate from the values which have guided us since the beginning of our existence. All of our furniture is functional and intelligently adapted to the user’s needs. They are available in different sizes, many of which are models with a sleeping function. We are deploying models with adjustable headrests and armrests, equipped with shelves with panels for connecting electronic devices. However, Befame furniture is associated above all with exceptional comfort. We achieve it by taking care of the ergonomics of the shape, adapting it to different types of figures and using a special type of filling for furniture seats and backrests, combining in an appropriate way different types of springs, highly flexible foams and silicone down.

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