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Carmen Sofas

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Carmen is a romantic model. Its romantic nature is created by the charming, wavy  borders on the cushions. It has a unique property – its sides are movable and adjustable, letting you relax comfortably in a sitting or half-lying position. These are not all advantages – this model is equipped with a sleeping function which lets you take a rest in your preferable position.



Amaral 349 Beige
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Imperial 51 Beige  loading='lazy' Imperial 51 Beige
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Piano 02 Beige  loading='lazy' Piano 02 Beige
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Torre 02 Beige  loading='lazy' Torre 02 Beige
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Treccia 01  loading='lazy' Treccia 01
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Treccia 03 Beige  loading='lazy' Treccia 03 Beige
Treccia 04 Beige  loading='lazy' Treccia 04 Beige

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